Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today's weigh in was pleasantly surprising. I lost 3 lbs. this week and 3% body fat! I am not sure where it came from because I feel like I look exactly the same. Wherever it came from I'll take it, however it wasn't from my belly or love handles where I want to lose fat!

Today's workout went pretty well too. I did all but a few minutes of the Kenpo dvd and then I ran a mile. It wasn't a long run, but I was tired from the 50 minute workout I did right before. I am really glad I lost weight this week because I feel more motivated to workout next week. Only 4 more weeks to go!

Tomorrow Grace, Molly, and I are going to Chicago with Bob. He has to work down there Monday and Tuesday so we thought we'd go along and see Auntie Katie and Auntie Christa. Bob has been gone for the last couple of weeks, so I am glad we can go with him this week. We are going to go to Millennium Park Monday and play in the splashy park. Grace will be SO excited! When we went to Millennium Park in GR last weekend she loved it! I will try to get cute pictures or videos!

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  1. Yay! Congrats on the weight loss! Good job in keeping up the great work.