Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Night time fun

Grace is such a silly girl. Last night she was up and out of bed four or five times. The first time was at 12:30. I woke up when she opened her door. I was laying there waiting for her to come in our room, but she didn't. She went out into the living room instead. Apparently she wanted to play! I got up to get her and when I walked in the living room she said hi. Totally cute, like she was supposed to be up playing and was glad I joined her. I told her it was still night night time and she went back to sleep without a fuss.

The next time she woke up was a few minutes after Bob left this morning around 5:30. She then was up again at 6:00 and 6:20. I think 6:20 was the last time. I was kind of groggy by that point. Of course when she finally fell asleep she slept in past 8:00 but I had to be up at 7:30.

She has been doing really well for the last week or so about sleeping all night. She got out of bed a few times Sunday night, but that was right after she went to bed, not in the middle of the night. That was a really cute night. The first two times she got up she kept saying "loon" like that was her excuse for getting up. After the second time she got up I hid the balloon, so on the third time out of bed it was her "blockies" that were her excuse for getting up. The fourth time (and last time thankfully) that she got out of bed Sunday, Bob and I were downstairs and heard a couple of thumps. We went to the stairs and there was Grace making her way downstairs, looking very innocent of course.

The big girl bed has been quite the adventure the last few weeks, but I am very proud of how well she has done! She is such a big girl and is going to be such a good big sister. I can't wait to see her holding her little baby brother/sister. It is going to be so sweet! No pictures tonight. Today was a busy day. We are going to have a relaxing day tomorrow so I will spend some time taking pictures.

Today was spent watching Brooke and sorting through all of Grace's baby clothes. She had two big bins and six bags full!!! Way too much even for a little girl! I took out all the gender neutral clothes and put them in the baby's dresser. I then sorted what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to give to goodwill. I got rid of three bags of clothes! Then I sorted the clothes by size and folded them neatly this time (originally I just pitched them in bins and bags, lazy mama), and put them away. I got all the clothes I kept to fit into two bins. It took me about 3 hours! I felt accomplished by the time I was done though!

Well, I will try to get some extra cute pictures tomorrow. Oh yeah, I am still looking for prize ideas for the baby pool contest. I need to come up with something soon so people have time to get there guesses in, so please leave me your ideas! Have a good night!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Miss Smarty Pants

I am always surprised by how much Grace understands. I know I shouldn't be, but I forget how smart she is just because she can't communicate as much as she can take in. This morning we were sitting on the couch and I was holding her hand looking at her fingernails. I was saying how I needed to clip her nails, just talking out loud. A minute later she got down off my lap and went into her room. She was being quiet (usually a sign of her getting into something she's not supposed to) so I went to see what she was up too. She had pulled her storage bin off her dresser (a downside of having a very tall child). She had taken her nail clippers out of the bin and was bringing them to me. So smart!

This afternoon we were getting ready to go to the store. I had put her shoes on and was getting some things together when she brought me my shoes. I didn't even ask her to get them! She brought me slip-ons and I wanted my boots, so I asked her to get my boots and she did. Very convenient for mommy!

When she does things like she did today, I have to remind myself that when she is being naughty she understands that too! I always feel bad when I have to discipline her because I wonder if she understands and remembers. Today is a good demonstration that she does!

Even though she can't communicate as well as she can understand, her ability to speak seems to grow greater everyday! She is at a stage where she likes to repeat words that you say. And she learned so many new things this week! She knows that cows moo, duckies go quack quack, and piggies go oink oink (added to those she already knew; doggie, kitty, monkey, sheep, and lions). She also learned how to say and sign snow. I know there are other things she has learned this week, but I just can't remember them all now. It is so fun to see her learn and grow.

I only have one picture for today. I am too lazy to go get the camera to import the ones from yesterday and today. Hey, I am 32 weeks pregnant...that is a good excuse! Look forward to a baby pool coming up on my blog. I just have to think of a good prize for the winner. You can comment with any prize ideas!

Wearing Daddy's hat.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Grace started a new thing tonight. She came over to me and took my hands and started walking backward. She was trying to help me up. So silly.

Being cute.

Her is really good at getting into things!

Brushing her teeth just like a big girl!

Well, it has happened. I knew it would, but I was hoping it would be a little while yet. Grace has figured out she can get out of bed anytime. Last night she woke up around 12:30. I went in and comforted her and gave her a drink. She was quiet for about 10 or 15 minutes and then she started crying again. She cried for about 5 minutes and then suddenly she stopped and said bye bye. It was quiet for a few seconds and then she started saying bye bye again and you could hear her getting out of bed. When she got to the door she started saying see ya over and over and trying to open the door. Even though it was the middle of the night it was really cute! Bob got her and brought her in bed with us for a little while. She laid down with us for a while, but then she started trying to sit up so I brought her back to her room. She went to sleep without a fuss, wicky picky.

This afternoon at nap time I heard her start talking and moving around after 10 minutes or so. I peeked at the monitor and she was at the end of her bed contemplating getting out of bed. Daddy had to go in and scold her and lay her back down. She went to sleep after that. Then tonight at bed time I heard her crying about 10 minutes after I laid her down. I went up to check on her and she was standing by her door with her glow worm and blanket trying to get out. I laid her back down and told her she would get spanks if she got up again. She went to sleep without a fuss. :)

I really hope she sleeps better tonight. I am just very run down. I don't sleep that great as it is right now so any extra wake ups are really draining. Only about 8 more weeks and I am going to be really exhausted so I guess I should be grateful for all the sleep I am getting. She did take a 2 hour nap again today which was nice. I hope she keeps this trend up. We did an 8 o'clock bed time again tonight, so we shall see!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Daddy came home!

Today was a good day...Daddy came home! Grace was very excited, but she always gets excited when Daddy comes home, even if he is just gone for the day. I've noticed lately that when Bob gets home she wants to show him things. For instance when he came in today she showed him her blocks. It is very cute.

Grace was in a good mood all day. She woke up around 7:15. I heard her talking to her monkey that sits on her bed. She was saying oh oh ah ah over and over. After 10 minutes I heard her getting out of bed and trying to open her door (sometimes she can get it herself and sometimes she can't). I got up and just opened it a crack and went back to my room just to see what she would do. She came right into my room and found me. She walked up to the bed and said Mama, it was very cute.

She played really well all day and wasn't grumpy while I got my run in. Day 5 of my training. The runs so far are shorter than what I have been doing, but 6 days a week as opposed to the 2, maybe 3 I was doing. My back is a little sore, but I feel great every time I finish another run!!

Grace even took an extra long nap today, 2 hours and 15 minutes! Yea!! She got herself up again and managed to get the door open on her own. She came right into my bedroom again, smart little girl. She wasn't even very grumpy after her nap like she can be sometimes.

Tonight we are tried a slightly later bed time for Grace. We put her down at 8:00, only a half an hour later than normal, but I am hoping it will help her take better naps. Lately, with the exception of today, she has been napping around an hour, an hour and a half max. Mommy would much prefer a two hour nap time. It takes me a little bit to fall asleep so my nap always seems too short!

These pictures are random shots from the last couple of days. There has been a little more picture taking than normal because of the new camera. I am glad I have such a cute subject to use my new camera on!
I think she has decided she likes the camera...she claps and signs more!


She climbed into the baby car seat that is sitting in the closet downstairs. Silly.

She climbed into the cupboard today. She was actually all the way on the shelf, but by the time I got the camera she was off.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grace practicing being a big sister

Grace going "night night"

Twice a week I watch my best friend Melanie's niece. Brooke is about 8 months old and Grace just loves her. First thing after Brooke gets here Grace wants to hold her. When I go to take Brooke off her lap Grace will sign more, it is very cute. Grace also likes to hug Brooke and try to pick her up so I have to keep an eye on her. I call Grace the not so gentle giant, but she has really gotten a lot better at being gentle. Brooke is really moving around now so she is able to interact more with Grace which is great. They are very cute together. Here are a few pictures from this morning of Brooke and Grace. Enjoy!

Grace "helping" Brooke get dressed....and laughing about it!

Brooke smiling nice for the camera.

Grace giving me silly looks.

Grace giving Brooke a kiss. What a good big sister!

Brooke had it figured out...Grace was totally looking the wrong way!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pictures for Daddy

Playing outside with rocks

Classic Grace

Saying all done

Her funny look at the camera

Looking surprised

Today I got a new toy in the mail...a new canon camera. Bob is very jealous because he is out of town. I am putting pictures up for Daddy so he can see his little pickle. I really like the camera so far even though I am not really smart enough to operate it to its full potential... Grace doesn't know quite what to think of it. It has a very bright flash and makes a funny noise. She kept giving me funny looks, saying uh-oh, and all done. Hopefully she gets used to it so I can get some pictures of smiles!

I also added a video of Grace, Ender, and Grey from this morning. They were being so cute tonight. Grace sure is going to miss her cousins when they go! Enjoy the pictures and video!