Friday, May 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It is good to be home. I have been in El Paso since Sunday for the national woman's bowling tournament. I had a good time (bowled terrible), but it is always great to get home. I took Molly with me. She was SOOOO good. On the way to El Paso, I had three flights. She cried maybe 10 minutes the whole way there.

On the way home my flight was delayed enough to miss my connection to Grand Rapids, so they rescheduled me to fly out the next day. I called Bob to tell him, and said he was going to be near Chicago so he could pick me up. I called United and got put back on my original flight. I got to the airport and almost missed my flight. I made it and ended up having an empty seat next to me so I could lay Molly down. Bob couldn't get to Chicago until an hour or two after my flight came in so Auntie Christa and Auntie Katie came and visited Molly and kept us company. It was a nice way to finish a hectic day.

Grace was so excited to see me today! I was excited to see her too! She was jumping up and down and spinning in circles. I have only been away from her for five days, but she seems to be speaking even more clearly. This was the longest I had ever been away from her, I missed her! Molly was glad to be home too. I fed her when we got home last night around 2 and she slept until 8 this morning...the longest she had slept since we left on vacation. She was really good about taking her naps today too.

Bob got out of work a little early and we all walked to the park together. While we were at the park Bob and I were sitting and Grace came over and made us get up. She then got behind Bob and pushed him over to a wall (about waist high on us). She then did the same thing to me. When we were both up against the wall she said "Mommy timeout." She is so funny!! I don't know what I did to earn timeout!

Sorry this is so scatter brained, but it has been a long few days, I am tired and I am watching TV while typing...not a good combination!