Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday To My THREE Year Old!!!

Blowing out candles!

She loves her Larry the Cucumber birthday card!

I love her smiles!

We played Blues Clues. This is her drawing her clue in the Handy Dandy Notebook.

This is her finding her first clue!

My cute baby Molly.

She was upset about something, but I don't remember what, lol.

Wow, I can't believe Grace is going to be 3 tomorrow!!! She is such a grown up little lady already! We celebrated her birthday yesterday with family. She had a good time. We got her a violin for her birthday and it comes tomorrow, we are both very excited! We are also going to start school tomorrow! Grace can't wait to start school. We asked her what tomorrow was and instead of saying her birthday she said school! Here are a few pictures from her birthday party. I will update with how our schooling is going!

Bootyful Baby Giveaway

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you know about a giveaway for a Bootyful Baby AI2 diaper at KAMsnaps' blog. It ends May 27th. I reviewed them on my blog this past January. Check it out here. Good luck!