Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Okay Day

Today was just another okay day for P90X. I did arms and shoulders today, but only a small part of ab ripper. I just ran out of time this morning. My diet was just ok too, not the healthiest, not the unhealthiest. I had about 1,950 calories. 18% were from fat, 55% from carbs, and 27% from protein. I only had one serving of vegetables and no fruit.

Tomorrow is the dreaded yoga x. I always want to quit part way through, yoga is just not my thing. I made it all the way through last week and I am going to again this week. I am hoping to get a little run in as well, but that is iffy because the yoga workout is an hour and a half!

Hopefully the girls will be super good tomorrow and not interrupt my workout every five minutes!

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