Saturday, October 24, 2009

A very long week

This is one of the silly ways we found Grace sleeping this week. She even did a little butt wiggle while we were in her room. Too cute!

Well, it has been quite awhile since I have updated the blog. This last week has been a looooong week for us. Grace hasn't been feeling well since Sunday, I started feeling sick on Monday, and Bob started feeling sick on Wednesday. I took Grace to the doctor's on Wednesday after she had a fever for three days. They tested her for strep because her throat was really red and irritated. That came back negative so the doctor said that it was either a cold or the swine flu, but she was on the mend so they didn't test to see if it was swine flu. She told me I should call my OB to let them know that I might have been exposed to swine flu. I am now taking tamiflu as a precaution. My sickness hasn't gone beyond a stuffy/runny nose and a sore throat so that is a praise. Grace finally seems to be feeling a little better today, but she still has a runny nose, a pretty good cough, and is really tired. She has been going to be early every night and sleeping in a little later every morning. She even took two naps on some days! I really hope she is feeling back to normal this week because I really need to get things done! I have just been taking care of sick people all week, so it will be good to get some work done next week. Also, Aunt Christa is coming to town tomorrow and I want Grace to be able to enjoy the visit! Here are some random pictures from the last week, enjoy!

Posing for a picture with mommy. You can see how tired she looks!

Ready to eat at Olive Garden. We had a nice time with Jen, Leah, Tieler, and Courtney!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grace's new big girl room!

I haven't updated the blog in awhile because I have been so busy sewing, getting Grace's room together, taking care of Grace (she was a little under the weather yesterday, but is feeling better today), and what feels like a million other things! Her bedding came today and I got things mostly together in her room so I wanted to update the blog with pictures! I love Grace's new bedroom! Every time I walk in her room it makes me smile! It is so bright and cheerful and GIRLIE! I was going to paint it gender neutral colors because baby #2 didn't cooperate, but I decided to do it girlie because that is what I really wanted to do! (and going by Rabbitt genetics baby #2 is probably a girl anyway!) I am so glad that I did. We can always repaint if we are still here when baby #3 comes along. Now, just to get her to sleep in her big girl room...We attempted nap time in the big girl bed this afternoon, but that didn't go so well. She ended up taking only a short nap and that was in her crib, but we will try again tonight. I wanted to start early so we could have plenty of time for her to adjust before baby brother/sister gets here! She likes playing in her new room and on her new bed, just not sleeping in it! Enjoy the pictures!
Grace being silly on her big girl bed!

I love her bedding!
I love the paint job in her room! Bob did such an awesome job, getting it exactly how I pictured!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Today was a pretty good day. Grace woke up too early for my taste, but that is usually the case. She played really well while I did stuff for church, folded laundry, and ran. Then I took a shower and she took a shower/bath. She likes playing in the shower! She thinks its fun to have the water rain down on her, so I will fill up the bathtub that way. We played for a little bit after lunch and then it was nap time, yea! Grace took an excellent nap today, two hours and forty five minutes! Finally a long nap when I could nap with her! I really needed that nap today. After nap time we ran a few errands and then came home to cook dinner. After dinner we went to Home Depot to pick out paint for her bedroom. I decided to paint her room girly even though we don't know the gender of baby #2. Bob said he expected to paint with each child anyway! At home depot we put her in the car cart. She had so much fun driving around the store. After Home Depot we went to Meijer to get a few things and let her ride Sandy the pony. She enjoyed it, but I think she liked driving around Home Depot more. Enjoy the pictures. Sorry about the poor quality, I didn't have my camera so I used my phone. But she was so cute that I figured those pictures were better than no pictures!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A day of little girls and dancing!

Today was a day full of girls! I was watching Brooke today and also watched two little girls from church, Mallory and Lauren. Considering there were four little girls under the age of four, I thought the day went remarkably well! They even all napped/rested at the same time! Grace enjoyed having friends over to play with. After her friends went home, we went and picked up some prefolds off craigslist. I also bought a few BumGenius AIO's and a diaper cover from a friend and she brought those over today as well. They are so tiny! I don't remember Grace being so little! She is growing up SO fast. Her newest thing is dancing. She has finally learned how and now she is learning new moves. She was being so cute that we got out the video camera. Of course, as soon as we did she stopped doing her new moves. The video I got is still cute so I am sharing it with you. Enjoy!

Naughty Baby

Well, as most of you know, I had my second ultrasound on Tuesday. They were able to get all the rest of the measurements that they needed, but the silly baby still wouldn't reveal what was between those legs! Apparently my children are modest in the womb, but by the time they are one they are exhibitionists! I was trying not to get my hopes up about finding out, but it was kind of hard not to. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed! I know I should have been happy that the baby was healthy, and I was, but I really wanted to know! I am very happy that the baby is healthy. They said it was measuring about 5 days small, but that was okay. Me a small baby? Maybe it will only be 22" instead of 22 1/2", ha! Well, enjoy the pictures of the new babe and enjoy waiting about 4 more months with me!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Today was a pretty busy day. Grace was grumpy again this morning. I think she might be cutting her top two molars. At least I hope that is why she is being such a pickle! I started the morning by feeding Grace who didn't want to eat her breakfast. Then, while I was eating mine she kept begging for mine. Silly girl. Then I cleaned the house and Grace kept wanting to be picked up so I was cleaning my floors while occasionally holding a heavy piggy. Fortunately she was in a better mood after nap time. We took a walk and went to the park in the afternoon and she had fun walking around and going on the slide. I like fall although I would like a little more sunshine. But it is the time of year I get to break out Grace's leggings and who doesn't like a baby in leggings! I also did some shopping for baby #2 today. I purchased some diaper covers on diaperswappers. I decided to do prefolds with this baby instead of disposables while the baby is still small. I love doing cloth so much with Grace that I want to do it right from the start with this one. Tomorrow is my second ultrasound for baby #2. I am excited to see the baby again. It is always amazing to see him/her moving around inside of me. I am really hoping that I can find out the gender tomorrow! Check back for an update. Enjoy the pictures of Grace in her leggings!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Getting Started

Well, I don't really know what I am doing quite yet, but I've decided to start a blog anyway. What an interesting day to start. I am not feeling well today and Grace was quite the wicky picky. I was too lazy to get up and see what she was getting into and so she got into quite a bit today! The bathroom door got left open and she decided to unroll a whole roll of toilet paper, play in the trash, and play in the toilet. Later our bedroom door was left open and she went and got Daddy's glasses and broke one of the stems off. Uh-oh! Fortunately Bob was able to fix them using a screw from his back up pair of glasses. She is now in bed and I am watching Ghostbusters 2 with Bob, Jeremy, and Greta, contemplating an early bedtime. Unfortunately I can't breathe through my nose, so sleeping tonight should be interesting. Well, I am going to keep it short for my first entry. I think I'll go play around and see how this blog works.