Monday, October 5, 2009

Today was a pretty busy day. Grace was grumpy again this morning. I think she might be cutting her top two molars. At least I hope that is why she is being such a pickle! I started the morning by feeding Grace who didn't want to eat her breakfast. Then, while I was eating mine she kept begging for mine. Silly girl. Then I cleaned the house and Grace kept wanting to be picked up so I was cleaning my floors while occasionally holding a heavy piggy. Fortunately she was in a better mood after nap time. We took a walk and went to the park in the afternoon and she had fun walking around and going on the slide. I like fall although I would like a little more sunshine. But it is the time of year I get to break out Grace's leggings and who doesn't like a baby in leggings! I also did some shopping for baby #2 today. I purchased some diaper covers on diaperswappers. I decided to do prefolds with this baby instead of disposables while the baby is still small. I love doing cloth so much with Grace that I want to do it right from the start with this one. Tomorrow is my second ultrasound for baby #2. I am excited to see the baby again. It is always amazing to see him/her moving around inside of me. I am really hoping that I can find out the gender tomorrow! Check back for an update. Enjoy the pictures of Grace in her leggings!

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  1. so cute, Leah has the same onesie. Can't wait to find out the sex!!!