Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grace's new big girl room!

I haven't updated the blog in awhile because I have been so busy sewing, getting Grace's room together, taking care of Grace (she was a little under the weather yesterday, but is feeling better today), and what feels like a million other things! Her bedding came today and I got things mostly together in her room so I wanted to update the blog with pictures! I love Grace's new bedroom! Every time I walk in her room it makes me smile! It is so bright and cheerful and GIRLIE! I was going to paint it gender neutral colors because baby #2 didn't cooperate, but I decided to do it girlie because that is what I really wanted to do! (and going by Rabbitt genetics baby #2 is probably a girl anyway!) I am so glad that I did. We can always repaint if we are still here when baby #3 comes along. Now, just to get her to sleep in her big girl room...We attempted nap time in the big girl bed this afternoon, but that didn't go so well. She ended up taking only a short nap and that was in her crib, but we will try again tonight. I wanted to start early so we could have plenty of time for her to adjust before baby brother/sister gets here! She likes playing in her new room and on her new bed, just not sleeping in it! Enjoy the pictures!
Grace being silly on her big girl bed!

I love her bedding!
I love the paint job in her room! Bob did such an awesome job, getting it exactly how I pictured!


  1. I love it Jessica!!!! If I could have a pink room at my house, I would! Maybe next time???

  2. Maybe. I hope so for your sake!