Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Night time fun

Grace is such a silly girl. Last night she was up and out of bed four or five times. The first time was at 12:30. I woke up when she opened her door. I was laying there waiting for her to come in our room, but she didn't. She went out into the living room instead. Apparently she wanted to play! I got up to get her and when I walked in the living room she said hi. Totally cute, like she was supposed to be up playing and was glad I joined her. I told her it was still night night time and she went back to sleep without a fuss.

The next time she woke up was a few minutes after Bob left this morning around 5:30. She then was up again at 6:00 and 6:20. I think 6:20 was the last time. I was kind of groggy by that point. Of course when she finally fell asleep she slept in past 8:00 but I had to be up at 7:30.

She has been doing really well for the last week or so about sleeping all night. She got out of bed a few times Sunday night, but that was right after she went to bed, not in the middle of the night. That was a really cute night. The first two times she got up she kept saying "loon" like that was her excuse for getting up. After the second time she got up I hid the balloon, so on the third time out of bed it was her "blockies" that were her excuse for getting up. The fourth time (and last time thankfully) that she got out of bed Sunday, Bob and I were downstairs and heard a couple of thumps. We went to the stairs and there was Grace making her way downstairs, looking very innocent of course.

The big girl bed has been quite the adventure the last few weeks, but I am very proud of how well she has done! She is such a big girl and is going to be such a good big sister. I can't wait to see her holding her little baby brother/sister. It is going to be so sweet! No pictures tonight. Today was a busy day. We are going to have a relaxing day tomorrow so I will spend some time taking pictures.

Today was spent watching Brooke and sorting through all of Grace's baby clothes. She had two big bins and six bags full!!! Way too much even for a little girl! I took out all the gender neutral clothes and put them in the baby's dresser. I then sorted what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to give to goodwill. I got rid of three bags of clothes! Then I sorted the clothes by size and folded them neatly this time (originally I just pitched them in bins and bags, lazy mama), and put them away. I got all the clothes I kept to fit into two bins. It took me about 3 hours! I felt accomplished by the time I was done though!

Well, I will try to get some extra cute pictures tomorrow. Oh yeah, I am still looking for prize ideas for the baby pool contest. I need to come up with something soon so people have time to get there guesses in, so please leave me your ideas! Have a good night!

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