Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grace practicing being a big sister

Grace going "night night"

Twice a week I watch my best friend Melanie's niece. Brooke is about 8 months old and Grace just loves her. First thing after Brooke gets here Grace wants to hold her. When I go to take Brooke off her lap Grace will sign more, it is very cute. Grace also likes to hug Brooke and try to pick her up so I have to keep an eye on her. I call Grace the not so gentle giant, but she has really gotten a lot better at being gentle. Brooke is really moving around now so she is able to interact more with Grace which is great. They are very cute together. Here are a few pictures from this morning of Brooke and Grace. Enjoy!

Grace "helping" Brooke get dressed....and laughing about it!

Brooke smiling nice for the camera.

Grace giving me silly looks.

Grace giving Brooke a kiss. What a good big sister!

Brooke had it figured out...Grace was totally looking the wrong way!

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