Friday, June 18, 2010

P90X 4 week update

I am very happy to report that there are noticeable changes after 4 weeks! I guess working hard and eating right does pay off! There is still plenty of work left to do, but I guess that is why there are 9 weeks left! I still can't imagine myself having 6 pack abs, but I know that if I keep pushing hard for the rest of the 90 days, I can! :)

Here are my stats. I have lost just under 10 lb. and 2% body fat. My chest, hips, and bicep measurements haven't changed, but my biceps are definitely more defined. I have lost 1 3/4 inches in my waist, yahoo! I have also lost inches around my rib cage, but I didn't measure that so I don't know how many. I have lost 1/4 inch in each of my thighs, not much, but something! I am so happy to see results in the mirror as well as on the scale. It fuels my motivation for the next 9 weeks.

I am really feeling strong and healthy and I love it! Everything is more firm and I am more flexible. My posture has improved as well. I think this is the healthiest I have been in years! I am starting to feel slimmer and dare I say sexier as well! :-D I am glad I decided to do this and I am ready to kick some butt for the next 9 weeks!

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