Monday, June 7, 2010

Just Life

Today is day 15 of 90. It has been a hard day. I am a bit of a stress eater, so when I get tired and frustrated eating healthy gets harder and harder! It helps not having the junk food in the house. So far I have been doing okay although I had a too much sodium today. Better than too many calories or too much fat I suppose! The exercise is going pretty well. Running is a lot more difficult right now though. I am hoping at the end of the 90 days I will be running even better than before!

The lack of sleep definitely makes things harder too. Grace has been getting up again for the last two nights. I think her diaper rash is bothering her at night. I ordered her a couple of new diapers to try for nighttime. I ordered her a Fuzzibunz and a Rumperooz. Hopefully they will keep her dryer at nighttime. She slept better when she was wearing a disposable, but she pees so much that she soaks through them and gets her pajamas and bedding all wet. The other morning she woke up and came in Molly's room while I was feeding Molly and said "Gracie sweaty". She thought she was sweaty, but really it was pee. Ewww!

Molly had a big weekend, she 99% rolled over from her back to her tummy!!! I say 99% because she was sucking her thumb so she was lying on her arm. She was able to roll back over because her arm was under her like that. She is getting to be such a big girl! At her four month check up she was 12lbs. 2oz. and 26.5 inches long, a whole .5 inches longer than Grace was at that age. Bob and I have been blessed with tall babies! At least I will be able to help them buy jeans when they are older!

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