Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Picture Day!

Today is going to be a picture day. I have been busy and tired and I don't know where to start for our last week, so we'll just put pictures up instead! Who doesn't like cute Gracie pictures??? By the way, don't forget to enter the baby pool, today is the last day to do so! Just look on the right under archives and click on Finally, It's a Baby Pool and follow the instructions. Enjoy the pictures!

Lately Grace has taken to bringing me clothes and asking me to put them on her. This particular day it was her swimsuit bottoms she wanted to wear.

This is what you get when you ask Grace to smile for the camera now, BIG CHEESE!! I love it! She used to not smile at all when you asked her.

More big cheese!

We peeked in at her before going to be and this is what we found....butt in the air and thumb in the mouth. So silly!

Sledding out front with Aunt Katie. She kept saying all done, but she didn't cry!

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  1. That is so how I used to sleep!!