Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grace the Night Owl

I am very tired today. That just might have something to do with my wicky picky #1. Last night Grace got out of bed 9 or 10 times, all between 11:15pm and 1:15am!! The first time she got up it was kind of cute. I heard her open her door, but she didn't come into our room. I called her name and she ignored me and started walking into the living room. I followed her calling her name, but she continued to ignore me. When I went to get her she gave me her baby and started walking toward the front door. We went and gave Daddy kisses (she was in bed before he got home from work) and then I put her back to be only to have her up again in 15 minutes.

The next few times she got up, I went to her and she said hi like she wasn't doing anything wrong. For some reason she was not sleepy and wanted to play. A few times she got up and was playing in her room before she opened her door to come out. In the morning I even found a book in her bed.

After 4 or 5 times of getting up I started spanking before sending her back to bed. I was reluctant to spank her because she wasn't in a grumpy mood, and I didn't want to start one, but enough was enough! She got out a bed a few more times after I started spanking (mommy's spanks aren't very threatening apparently). I finally woke Bob up so he could put her back to bed because sometimes she listens to Daddy better when sleeping is concerned. She stayed in bed for maybe 20 minutes after Daddy put her there and I had just started dozing off when she got up AGAIN!

I was fairly upset when I put her back to bed after that. Thankfully she was finally tired too and stayed in bed until morning! Of course she did all this on a night where I had to get up early the next morning. I thought maybe she would sleep in, but I was getting out of the shower when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. There was little Gracie up at 7:45.

I was hoping for a good nap today at least, but no. I put her down at 12:30, but she was up by 1:45. Of course Brooke was excellent and slept until 3:15. What a nice nap I could of had if Gracie wasn't such a pickle!

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Have a good night!

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  1. Do you ever watch supernanny?? They say to keep putting her back to bed and dont say anything cept goodnight the first time she got up...then dont say anything after that..try it, see if it works!! Everyone is different in raising their kids, so, whatever works for you, good luck!! Love Aunt Lynn