Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who hates I teeth?!?!?

So, does anyone else think that cutting teeth really bites? Haha, pun intended. This last week or so has been really crummy. Grace has been cutting her I teeth and has had such a hard time sleeping. That is bad enough at home, but maybe a little worse when you are sharing a hotel room with her. Last night was not fun. I didn't fall asleep until midnight or so and then I woke up a few times feeling nauseous before Grace even started waking up. Then around 1:30 Grace started whining/crying in her sleep. She woke up around 3:30 and I gave her more tylenol and orajel, but she just couldn't fall back asleep. She was trying...she was sucking her thumb and occasionally playing her glow worm. She would get quiet after a little bit, getting my hopes up and then I would hear the glow worm. After about 30-40 minutes she started crying again. I think she was frustrated that she couldn't fall asleep. I finally just got her up and took her out in the sitting room. She was grumpy out there, but I was hoping Bob could at least get some sleep. I laid her back down around 5:15 and she finally fell back asleep. She was in a fairly good mood this morning considering. However she only took an hour nap, so I am VERY tired! She definitely needed more sleep, because she is being quite crabby this afternoon.

On a more positive note, we went swimming this afternoon and she enjoyed that. She tried to drink the water a few times, yuck! She didn't really try again after she got a mouthful that made her cough. I suppose we have all had our fair share of chlorine. I got a few pictures, but it was hard because I was keeping and eye on her and trying to take pictures. I think we might go with daddy again tomorrow night and then we can get cute video and better pictures.

On another side note, I think Grace finally has her first real case of diaper rash. I guess diaper rash once in 18 months is pretty good. I love her cloth diapers. I don't have any of the inserts that I need to use the diaper rash remedy the doctor's office said I should use, so I will have to get a small pack of disposables. I should buy some of the inserts just to keep on hand, but I have never needed any in 18 months, so I never thought about it. Speaking of diapers, I just changed her because I thought she was smelly, but she wasn't and guess what she just did....I guess I will go change another diaper her in a minute. I am going to make sure she is good and done this time. :)

Right now we are just waiting for daddy to get home from work and then we are going out to buy what she needs for her rash and then out to dinner. I think we are going to go to some italian place that I can't remember the name of (blame it on the babies). After Grace goes to bed tonight I need to go run. I don't really feel like it, but like I said the other day, excuses aren't going to help me run the 5/3rd in May. I really want to run the 25K (assuming my delivery is healthy), so I am going to run as long as I can until the baby gets here. I am hoping to at least make it until January, if not longer. I still feel pretty good running, I just have to keep it to 3 miles or less, but that is enough to give me a base to start with after I deliver wicked pickle number 2. Running has made a big difference in weight gain this pregnancy compared to Grace (I gained 40lbs with her and I am on track to gain about 28lbs with this baby), which is great, and I am hoping to shed to pounds faster afterward than I did with Grace (after one year I was 4lbs. short of my prepregnancy weight and then I got pregnant again).

Well, I think stinky is done filling her diaper so I am going to go change and her and go downstairs and watch for daddy. Sorry to ramble so long, but it makes up for the two weeks that I didn't blog at all. :) Enjoy the pictures!
The problem with making such cute barrettes for work is that I want to buy them all for Grace!

Playing peek-a-boo like a silly girl.

Checking out the water.

I love this face. I think she might have been leaning in to try to take a drink! Goofball!

She has a cute butt, what can I say?

Walking back to our room.

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