Saturday, March 26, 2011

California Here We Come!

My girls in matching pinafores I made them.

My beautiful ballerina!

I love Molly's gorgeous eyes!

Sister kisses!! Ewwww!

My beautiful girl Molly.

This is how I found Grace sleeping...

Grace is in a Boba on my back and Molly is in an Ergo on the front...just to see if I could. :)

It has been a busy week! Last Friday my DH came home and asked me what I thought about going to California for a few weeks. He travels quite a bit for work. Wednesday it was a sure thing and we are leaving tomorrow morning at 6:30am! It takes quite a bit of work to pick up the lives of four people and go away for three weeks. That is what I have been doing the last few days. I am soooo tired, but I'm up waiting to throw my diaper laundry into the dryer so I thought I'd add a few pictures to my blog. I hope you enjoy them. Hopefully next week I'll have some beach pictures to share!!!

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