Friday, February 4, 2011

My Baby is ONE!!!

getting into her diapers...

sucking her sisters toes...goof

So, this actually a few days late because Molly turned one on January 31, but it feels like her birthday is tomorrow because that is when her party is! This last year just flew by, I can't believe she is one!

She is a little crawling machine, but no walking yet. She has taken a few small steps here and there and can stand like a pro, but she hasn't taken off yet. I keep expecting her to just start walking any day now because she is so close! She has a whopping total of TWO teeth, silly girl. She can eat just about anything though. She still nurses three times a day. She cracked me up today. For the first time she tried crawling around while nursing. It took her a second to realize my boob wasn't going with her. Then she tried to nurse in all sorts of silly positions. I love the silly girl!

She has been kind of whiny lately, I am praying that she is not getting sick! Normally she is a sweet little person. This last week she learned how to do "How big is Molly" and play peek-a-boo...well sort of. I have also been working with her to learn sign. She hasn't said any words yet so she communicates with grunts and crying. She learned how to sign please...on me, lol. I kept telling her to say please and she wouldn't, so I squatted down to her level and she signed it on me, so cute!!!

Enjoy these couple of pictures. I will post birthday pictures next week!

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