Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kids Say (and do!) The Darndest Things

My older daughter Grace will be 2 1/2 this month and let me tell you she is a hoot. This age is so hard, but so FUNNY! I just wanted to share a few Grace stories from the last week or two.

This past week she was sitting in the hallway with her sister Molly. She kept telling Molly to sit down, sit down Molly, I read to you, sit! Molly is only 9 months old, so she had no clue, but she finally sat down. When she did Grace preceded to "read" her a bible story. When she was done she said now its bedtime Molly (can you tell what we do at bedtime, lol).

That same day we went to get Molly up from her nap and Grace climbed into the rocking chair. She said I feed Molly my boobs. HAHAHA. Where do kids get this stuff?

It also amazes me what they learn at this age! She can recognize almost all of her letters (she gets e and f mixed up and u, v, w, and y mixed up), she knows her colors (sometimes pink is blue), she can count to ten (she revealed this during hide and seek) and knows her basic shapes. I was asking her what shapes things were in her book and I pointed to a triangle shaped piece of cheese and asked her what shape it was and she said pizza. We might be pizza fans at this house...

One last story. Yesterday day she kept saying bye bye, see you next week. I looked and she had her shoes and coat on (over her pjs). I watched her to see what she would do. She opened the front door, went outside and climbed into the driver's seat of our mini van (she is a really tall 2 year old). She just cracks me up!

I would love to hear some of your funny kid stories, please share!!!


  1. That is so funny! I'm finally finding time to read some blogs. Aunt Mary