Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rock-a-Thigh Baby Review

I recently discovered the cutest new socks....thigh highs for babies! I love these things! I usually put my girls in socks and leggings during the day when we are just lazing around the house, so these are right up my alley.

I love how cute they look in their leggings and how easy it is to change their diapers. I DON"T love the fact that Molly (9 months old) loves to pull her socks off. When she does that I have to hike up the leggings, put her socks back on, and then cover them back up with leggings (not always an easy task with a wiggly baby). With the Rock-a-Thigh baby socks, I don't have to do that. She tries to pull them off, but so far she has not been successful, yea! She can pull them down a little bit, but it is easy enough to pull them back up. They also work great for protecting her knees as she just started crawling last Monday!

They work great for Grace (29 months) too. She likes to match Molly, so I love that they come in sizes up to 4 years old. They also make it easier for her to go potty when she actually tells me she has to go, lol. It is quicker just to whip off her diaper and put her on the potty when you don't have to deal with getting pants on and off. It is also easier for her to go potty by herself.

Rock-a-Thigh Baby has a 15% off coupon code, but you have to hurry it ends Sunday! The code is sd15offoct2010. You can check out all the cute styles here. Also, be sure to read how Rock-a-Thigh Baby's were "born" here. It is too funny! If you are a facebooker you can check out Rock-a-Thigh Baby's page. Be sure to thank them for the 15% discount!

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