Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's hard to be a Lions fan...

I am just sitting here watching the Lions lose while Molly plays and Grace naps. I thought I would update my blog today because I will be going on vacation this Tuesday! I am very excited even though there is no such thing as vacation with a 28 month old and a 8 month old. We are going out to San Jose to visit Bob's sister and brother-in-law Emily and Joel and their two boys Ender and Grey. Gracie is very excited to go to the zoo with the boys!

I visited Emily and Joel when they were in LA when Grace was 5 months old. What I learned on that trip was that I would much rather travel with my cloth diapers than disposables. Grace had a couple of poop blowouts and leaky diapers and ever since then I bring my cloth diapers with me when I travel. I am especially excited to bring them on this trip because I have new Ragababe Organic 2-step diapers to try. I think it is going to be really easy to travel with them because they are an AI2 system. I will bring 4 covers for each girl and then 14 inserts each. I will also bring some of my favorite pocket diapers for them to wear while I am doing laundry. I also recently purchased a hanging planetwise wetbag to use for traveling. I have already tried that bag out when I went to visit Bob's brother. It worked great.

Well, the Lions have officially lost (yes, I always hold out hope until the very end) and Grace is awake. Time to head over to my parents for some french toast and bacon, yum! I hope everyone has a great week! I'll try to post some pictures this week!

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  1. We live in Minnesota and so it's all Vikings, Twins, & Wild here! So we were happy to see a win today :)
    Have fun on your vacation!!